Multi-Data Center Recording

Support for Centralized Data Centers

A growing number of organizations are consolidating and centralizing their data centers to maximize the efficiency of personnel, reduce IT resources and standardize infrastructure. But centralized data centers carry risk. Their IT needs must be relatively self-contained, with little footprint outside the center itself. And their uptime and redundancy must be guaranteed, as system failure can significantly impact the entire organization. For example, if interaction recording—a critical data center function—goes down, regulatory compliance is in jeopardy.


NICE Engage Platform provides comprehensive multi-data center recording capabilities, as well as a turnkey platform for deploying NICE solutions in a centralized data center environment.


NICE Engage Platform supports multi-data center recording environments by:

  • Lowering IT costs by serving the entire enterprise on a single platform
  • Assuring business continuity by addressing all potential failures when moving to a centralized data center environment: it ensures no single point of failure, end-to-end disaster recovery, single-click failover procedure, and aligns with the resiliency mechanisms of significantly most third-party telephony vendors
  • Providing advanced multi-data center recording for Active and Passive VoIP environments for unmatched scalability
  • Reducing IT footprint at branches and sites to zero, enabling interaction recording anywhere across the organization, regardless of data center location
  • Supporting server consolidation and virtualization to reduce the number of physical servers


NICE Engage Platform is essential to data center centralization, ensuring reliable and resilient multi-data center recording. Click to learn more about additional NICE solutions for contact centers and financial organizations.