Call Archiving

Tailored Call Archiving for Your Business and IT Environments

There are a variety of business reasons and time limit requirements for archiving call recordings. In financial services, health care and other highly regulated industries, mandatory retention periods may span many years. In sales-oriented businesses, the timeline to resolve potential disputes is much shorter so call archiving requirements are shorter, too. For organizations that fall into multiple categories, a complex mix of retention requirements may apply.


Comprehensive, Flexible Call Archiving Technology for All Parts of Your Business


  • Flexible storage rules– Provides user-defined storage rules that let you decide the appropriate retention periods, file-naming conventions, storage locations and even archiving time windows, based on the type of call recorded. Flag recordings for “litigation holds” can extend call archiving periods.


  • Wide range of storage devices– Adapts to virtually any storage environment your organization employs including direct attached storage (DAS), network attached storage (NAS), storage area networks (SAN) and enterprise storage management (ESM) systems from EMC, Hitachi, IBM, NetApp and others.


  • Transparent call retrieval– Automatically keeps track of where your calls are archived and retrieves them quickly when you need them for playback or analysis.


  • Centralized storage management– Efficiently manages call archiving resources including capacity monitoring and error reporting.


  • Resiliency options– Offers fully redundant configuration options if call archiving availability is mission-critical to your business.


  • Lower cost compared to tape archiving– Eliminates tape storage as well as the movement and labor costs associated with finding and retrieving archived calls when needed.

NICE Call Archiving capabilities provide a robust, flexible solution to meet a varied range of retention requirements. Click to learn more about compliance recording and contact center operational efficiency solutions.