Business Continuity for Call Centers and Trading Floors

Round-the-Clock Protection for Call Recording Capabilities

Facing intense regulatory requirements, the ever-present threat of natural disasters and the rising need for 24/7 service delivery, your organization must formulate a sustainable and cost-effective business continuity plan. You must ensure that critical functions like call recording are always available, impervious to interruptions that can cause severe financial or even physical losses.
NICE delivers round-the-clock business continuity for call centers and trading floors, and their remote sites and branches for:

High Availability

The built-in business continuity technology of NICE Engage Platform protects your entire system or individual segments. It keeps your systems running 24/7 and enables them to continue recording calls, maintaining querying capabilities and securing stored information in the event of a power outage, natural disaster or system failure.

Disaster Recovery

NICE disaster recovery enables you to deploy a standby system in a secondary location when disaster strikes and the primary data center fails.

Telephony Resiliency

Integration continuity with telephony systems enables NICE Interaction Recording to continue functioning in case of failure, no matter what calling technology you use. It includes support for voice over IP (VoIP), computer telephony integration (CTI) and virtual switch redundancy protocol (VRSP) resiliency.

Branch Survivability

NICE offers advanced capabilities to deal with network failures in branch or remote site environments. NICE Interaction Recording is designed to retain an extended amount of data during wide area network (WAN) failures, significantly reducing the risk of losing information.
NICE Engage Platform provides business continuity capabilities for the most mission-critical call centers and trading floors. Click to learn more about risk management  and contact center operational efficiency  solutions from NICE.