Cross-Channel Interaction Recording and Management

Proven, Robust Recording for Diverse Interaction-Capture Needs

  • Compliance call recording– Highly resilient, secure platform for financial institutions and call centers that require continuous voice logging for regulatory compliance, risk and dispute management purposes
  • Interaction-based recording– Selective interaction recording based on computer telephony integration (CTI) parameters (e.g., DNIS and 1-800 numbers, call direction) and business data (e.g., caller ID)
  • Quality monitoring recording– Random, automated voice logging enabling call center managers to assess their quality of service and employ call center quality monitoring applications and processes to improve it
  • On-demand recording– Manual control of call recording in real time as the need occurs
NICE Interaction Management can record multiple media— digital and analog—in TDM, voice over IP (VoIP), session initiation protocol (SIP)-based and hybrid environments. It seamlessly integrates with a variety of communication hardware and software, including all major CTI, trading floors switches and CRM systems.


Enterprise-grade management and low total cost of ownership

  • Central, cost-effective management of multi-site environments, with central user administration, reporting, playback and querying
  • Enterprise scalability for all sizes and types of environments including consolidated data center and hub-and-spoke IT architectures
  • Business continuity including solutions for continuous call recording, call archiving, and disaster recovery
  • Centralized storage management integrating with enterprise storage systems and leveraging existing resources
  • Powerful data security including end-to-end media encryption, strong user authentication and server hardening
  • Server and client virtualization to reduce the amount of resources consumed
VoIP RecordingVoIP Recording
Proven, highly reliable VoIP call recording for the most demanding mission-critical environments
SIP Trunk Call RecordingSIP Trunk Call Recording
Reduce call recording costs and standardize on SIP with innovative SIP trunk call recording
TDM Call RecordingTDM Call Recording
Regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and quality recording needs in TDM environments
Video callContact Center Video Recording
Captures video interactions to ensure compliance and improve monitoring of video-based customer service
Business ContinuityBusiness Continuity
Business continuity for the most demanding environments
Mobile Call RecordingMobile Call Recording
A Cost Effective Solution for Capturing Interactions and Meeting your Customer Needs 24/7 
Support for server and desktop virtualization and thin client environments
Call ArchivingCall Archiving
Comprehensive, flexible call archiving technology for all parts of your business
Data SecurityData Security
A comprehensive solution to safeguard sensitive information contained in call and screen recordings
Multi-Data Center RecordingMulti-Data Center Recording
Support for the advanced recording needs of data centers with multiple locations