NiceTrack Mass Detection Center

Nationwide Interception, Monitoring and Analysis to Fight Organized Crime, Drug Trafficking and Terrorism

The NiceTrack Mass Detection Center is a fully-integrated platform providing nationwide interception, monitoring and analysis. The NiceTrack Mass Detection Center helps intelligence organizations and national security agencies fight terrorism and reduce national threat levels. It supports both mass and target monitoring workflows and helps operators and analysts find new suspects, generate new leads and monitor existing targets.
The NiceTrack Mass Detection Center collects, stores and analyzes all types of telephony and Internet content to detect suspicious criminal and terrorist activities. Collecting and storing nationwide data enables broadening the scope of target information and performing on-going and post-event investigations.
NiceTrack Mass Detection Center key benefits:
  • Enable real-time collection of all media types including fixed and mobile telephony, email, webmail and social networks
  • Enrich existing criminal and terrorist records
  • Identify and alert of new suspects
  • Support for entire intelligence cycle: collection, processing, production, analysis and dissemination
NiceTrack Mass Detection Center capabilities:
  • Nationwide interception- collection of hundreds of millions events per day
  • Advanced analysis tools- language identification, automatic text translation, speaker recognition, SPAM engine and more
  • Dedicated tools to handle complex Internet-related needs
  • Incorporation of mass interception and target monitoring workflows