Handle Time Optimization

Balance Handle Time, Costs and Customer Experience

Average handle time is a critical key performance indicator for contact centers. But optimizing handle time means finding the delicate balance between quality, customer experience, and the costs associated with agents’ time. NICE Handle Time Optimization helps contact centers get the balance right. It reveals what drives high handle time and what actions can be taken - in real time - to streamline processes, all while maintaining high quality and delivering great customer service.


Many factors drive up average handle time: agent knowledge gaps, complex agent desktops, lengthy authentication and other ineffective processes. NICE Handle Time Optimization identifies these drivers and enables you to take action to improve quality and customer experience.


Real-Time Authentication

Authenticating customers is an integral security measure, yet the process is time-consuming and can compromise customer experience. NICE Handle Time Optimization streamlines this mandatory measure with real-time authentication capabilities built in.


Interaction Analytics – Desktop and Speech

NICE Handle Time Optimization analyzes what is said and tracks agents’ desktop activities during interactions, shedding light on what transpires on the long calls that threaten your handle time scores.


Real-Time Agent Guidance

NICE Handle Time Optimization’s interactions analytics provide the insights that fuel agent guidance: contextual, dynamic on-screen callouts that guide agents quickly and effectively through complex topics and processes in real time, shaving handle time to a minimum.


Process Automation

Mundane, routine desktop activities can be easily automated with NICE Handle Time Optimization, further reducing handle time and eliminating human error.
NICE Handle Time Optimization provides powerful insights and real-time impact tools to:
  • Reduce average handle time by 20% to 30%
  • Streamline the authentication process for quicker calls and improved customer experience
  • Quickly and effectively resolve issues the first time, improving customer satisfaction
  • Discover—and fix—inefficient processes and less-productive agents
  • Deliver next-best-action guidance to agents in real time so they handle interactions efficiently and with confidence
NICE Handle Time Optimization helps contact centers understand what contributes to high handle time, and helps impact those issues quickly. For example, the solution can:


  • Seamlessly enroll customers and use voice biometrics to quickly authenticate their identity when they call
  • Utilize speech analytics to understand average handle time by call content
  • Guide agents with the specific knowledge they need, including relevant personal customer information, in real time
  • Replace time-consuming manual desktop processes with single-click automated processes
  • Automatically measure how much time is spent on each part of calls and how much is silent
  • Track and analyze the time spent on each application and desktop process