NICE Security Solution for the Gaming Industry

Providing a Unique Combination of Operational Values and Architectural Benefits for your Casino 

Around the clock and every day of year − the gaming industry takes no breaks. Together with the necessity to capture every detail of every game played makes for a challenging environment to secure.  Casinos require unfaltering reliability and the ability to accurately and clearly view every detail.  NICE Gaming Solutions are specifically designed to address these needs. Comprehensive in nature and customizable to specific environments, NICE Gaming Solutions mitigate the potential for loss through the proactive identification, verification and response to harmful or fraudulent activity.  

Secure Casino Customers, Assets and Personnel 

NICE Gaming Solutions span the complete range of casino surveillance and security applications and services including multimedia capture, analysis, reporting and evidence disclosure. Its open architecture design enables the integration of both new and existing systems to create a unified platform. Moreover, as a highly responsive system, operations are smoother, more effective and efficient.


Video surveillance is an important part of any casino’s security system. NICE ensures high quality video through its patented Visual Parameter Optimizer (VPO), which automatically enhances video quality so that you can capture and view every detail. Moreover, the video management software's advanced capabilities let operators rapidly and efficiently find relevant video for immediate dispute resolution, investigations and evidentiary purposes.   NICE Gaming Solution ensures non-stop video recording with its mission-critical design and ‘Zero-Points-of-Failure’ architecture.


NICE Gaming Solutions also provide you with a smooth and cost-effective migration path from analog to IP, in addition to offering massive storage options. More than 180 casinos worldwide rely on NICE to maintain game integrity, settle disputes effectively and ensure business continuity with the help of highly reliable and field-proven gaming solutions. 

The unique environment in which the gaming industry operates requires world-class security solutions that are field proven. NICE Gaming Solutions are specifically designed to optimize your security environment and at the same time, improve operational efficiency. Its open architecture platform gives you the flexibility and freedom of choice to use third-party devices while its evolutionary design makes it backward- and forward-compatible for your investment protection.


  • Improve response time and personnel productivity with an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface
  • High-quality video enables operations to capture fraudulent activity
  • Prevent costly monitoring interruptions with full system redundancy and continuous video recording
  • Mitigate losses with immediate event response and verification
  • Gain flexibility, choice and investment protection with an open platform that integrates with third-party devices and management systems, and can use computer peripherals for PTZ control and enhanced playback
  • Benefit from a smooth, cost-effective migration path from analog to IP video surveillance
  • Lower your TCO through low footprint, high channel count per server and advanced recording mechanisms
  • Effective information sharing and communication tools enable you to get the right information to the right people at the right time  

NICE Gaming Solutions empower your casino security personnel to effectively respond to security threats and make informed decisions. Now, you can automatically detect threats related to cash-handling areas, unauthorized vehicles or occupancy in critical areas with NICE integrated video analytics. NICE Gaming Solutions also interface with third-party systems such as smoke detectors, access control systems and license plate recognition applications, increasing the reach and efficiency of your security environment by unifying systems into a single platform.


  • Immediately verify alarms
  • Capture the complete chronological history of an incident to streamline investigations and reconstruct incidents
  • Guarantee image integrity with automatic detection of camera tampering and correction for lighting conditions using the server based visual parameter optimizer (VPO)
  • Support numerous edge devices including megapixel cameras