Focus Employees on the Right Metrics and Behaviors

Looking for new and better ways to engage your employees? Turn on gamification.

Gamification is the use of video game mechanics – levels, points, badges and more – to inspire healthy competition and collaboration. It uses the data you already have about employee performance to guide them to challenges that grow their skills and knowledge.  

The good news is that you’re already gamified. You’re tracking top sellers on a whiteboard in the break room, or rewarding teamwork with trophies. But we can help you amplify these efforts – making gamification more systematic, visible and impactful. Get in the game.  


Gamification is embedded in NICE Performance Management – enabled by our partner, Bunchball. It uses the data tracked in Performance Management to recognize and reward employees for their achievements. It includes game mechanics like:

  • Badges – based on your culture, iconography, etc.
  • Points – assigned to individuals or teams
  • Levels – ability to build a progression of skills and knowledge
  • Marketplace – convert points to goods and/or services

Our approach amplifies your current efforts to engage employees. It makes their achievements visible, and it impacts your business:

  • Reduce onboarding time up to 50%. Rather than sit employees through weeks of classroom training, create a series of gamification challenges. They can zoom through easy / familiar content and focus on areas that require the most effort.
  • Expand employee skills by 70%. You can set mandatory gamification challenges… but the majority of employees voluntarily complete challenges that add skills and knowledge.
  • Reduce attrition by 60%. Third party studies and our own experience show that employees who feel recognized stick around. Gamification facilitates rewards and recognition.  

NICE’s approach to gamification puts control in your hands. You configure challenges and quests, or even define career paths that will motivate your employees. Contact us to explore how we can apply gamification mechanics to engage your employees.