First Contact Resolution

Eliminate Repeat Interactions 

According to a 2012 study by the Professional Association for Customer Engagement, contact centers have achieved an amazing average first contact resolution (FCR) of more than 70%. But if 70% of customers’ issues are resolved in one touch, 30% aren’t. Surprisingly, this relatively small percentage of repeat contacts generates more than half (55%) of total call volume. That’s because, as the number of contacts per case grows, so does the complexity of the issues and time—and therefore cost—required to address them.

To move beyond 70% first call resolution, contact centers must be able to identify the most common issues—and their root causes—that trigger customers to contact the company more than once, and track the customers, actions and conversations about these repeat contacts across channels. They must also be able to measure FCR down to both the individual employee level and discrete contact reason. Only when executives, supervisors and analysts are armed with this kind of insight can they take real, effective and immediate corrective action.
Given the sheer number of contacts and volumes of customer big data, understanding and tackling the issues hindering first contact resolution has been extremely challenging. Today, NICE First Contact Resolution delivers what it takes to eliminate repeat interactions.

NICE First Contact Resolution combines real-time speech analytics, text analytics and contact analytics from all contact channels and data sources, enabling contact centers to truly measure and impact cross-channel FCR at any given moment, on every level:

  • Executive- View real-time dashboards of FCR metrics and repeat contact costs, and assign corrective actions across the organization
  • Analyst- Perform ad hoc analysis and view automated FCR trends and root causes, share reports and findings with key stakeholders, set business rules and (re)define FCR metrics
  • Supervisor- Measure FCR for each team member and for each contact reason, view complete contact sequences and drive corrective actions with targeted coaching and Quality Management processes

By analyzing customer interactions and providing real-time impact tools, NICE First Contact Resolution enables contact centers to accurately measure first call resolution rates, identify the drivers of repeat contacts, and effectively improve the ability to resolve customer issues during the first contact.

  • Automatically measure first contact resolution across multiple communication channels
  • Reduce repeat contacts
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction 

NICE First Contact Resolution provides the most advanced proprietary interaction analytics capabilities to provide a clear, actionable picture of what’s happening with customers from multiple points of view, and across terabytes of customer data using:

  • “Big Data” management infrastructure enables processing of terabytes of raw data from multiple channels, millions of customer records
  • Sophisticated rules engine and comprehensive cross-channel analytics identify contact reasoning  across 100% of calls, emails and chat interactions
  • Revolutionary sequencing engine and reports isolate customer identity across channels and first call resolution failures by contact reasoning, customer attributes, agents and teams
  • High-visibility dashboards tailored for supervisors, analysts and executives make it possible to understand the actual cost of repeat contacts and take immediate, targeted action to improve first call resolution