Fraud Prevention

Detect, Prevent and Identify Fraud Before Losses Occur

Fraud prevention is an ongoing, evolving challenge for financial institutions. Criminals change tactics and develop new strategies every day. Siloed and disjointed detection systems are inefficient and costly, and they catch less fraud than multiple solutions leveraging a single platform. To prevent loss, avoid regulatory action and protect your brand, you need enterprise-wide fraud prevention on a common, proven platform. That’s Actimize Fraud Prevention.

NICE Actimize provides comprehensive cross-channel and real-time fraud prevention solutions, built on a common platform and available individually or as an integrated whole:


  • Card Fraud
    Detects fraud across all card transactions with proven capabilities for card issuers, acquirers, processors and retailers.



Monitors online banking, call center, IVR and mobile banking channels to detect fraud perpetrated against monetary and non-monetary activities in real time.


Automates detection of common types of employee fraud such as policy violations, embezzlement, theft of customer or bank assets, and theft of customer data.


Monitors electronic fund transfers (EFTs) such as wire, automated clearing house (ACH) and external debits, to detect suspicious activity.


  • Deposit Fraud
    Minimizes deposit fraud losses with comprehensive account activity monitoring for both “On-Us” and deposit fraud risk.



  • Employee Trading Fraud
    Specifically designed for brokers/dealers to detect suspicious trading scenarios and mitigate the risk of rogue trading losses.

The Actimize Fraud Prevention solution suite delivers proven, global fraud expertise, enabling financial service organizations to:

  • Achieve high fraud prevention results with a true cross-channel view of customer activities
  • Leverage unique phase-based analytical models, proven to deliver 80-97% detection
  • Detect fraud in real time with the ability to analyze transactions and return a decision/action in less than 100ms
  • Improve overall efficiency and adaptability with dedicated investigation and policy management tools
  • Deploy all Actimize Fraud Prevention solutions on a shared platform for quick implementation and lower TCO

The Actimize Fraud Prevention solution suite offers both real-time and batch processing and provides firms with end-to-end capabilities such as:

  • Sophisticated analytics for real-time, cross-channel transaction monitoring, alerting and blocking
  • Multidimensional profiling to recognize cross-channel/cross-product behavior and minimize false positives
  • Peer and behavioral analysis and self-learning capabilities to discover complex attacks
  • Unique fuzzy logic algorithms and visual link analysis to identify and view relationships among entities
  • Real-time actions to trigger authentication and block fraudulent transactions
  • Policy management to instantly adapt fraud strategies to customer behavior