Fraud Prevention

Detect, Prevent and Identify Fraud Before Losses Occur

Fraud prevention is an ongoing, evolving challenge for financial institutions. Criminals change tactics and develop new strategies every day. Siloed and disjointed detection systems are inefficient and costly, and they catch less fraud than multiple solutions leveraging a single platform. To prevent loss, avoid regulatory action and protect your brand, you need enterprise-wide fraud prevention on a common, proven platform. That’s Actimize Fraud Prevention.

Actimize’s market-leading Enterprise Fraud Management solutions enable organizations to deliver real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention that supports a holistic, fraud management program. The Actimize open platform provides effective fraud controls for modern real-time payments whether from retail, commercial or emerging payment environments.

Remote Banking Fraud

Provides end-to-end digital banking fraud protection which enables institutions to detect and catch more fraudulent activities with multi-channel, cross transaction, cross payment type fraud detection capabilities.

Commercial Banking Fraud

Specifically designed for the commercial banking environment with customer-centric fraud detection that supports end-to-end fraud management.

Deposit  Fraud

Analyzes risk across silos of data and lines of business and consolidates suspicious activity notifications into account and customer level alerts allowing real-time decisioning from a “holistic view” of the customer to safely accelerate fund availability and enhance customer satisfaction.

Employee Fraud

Detects fraudulent employee activity across the enterprise, business lines, and channels, providing protection from monetary losses, risk and reputational damage.

Card Fraud

Customer-centric, cross-channel, and cross-product fraud detection which protects ATM, PIN and signature POS, and Card-Not-Present transactions.

With its customer centric, enterprise-wide fraud prevention capabilities, Actimize allows financial institutions to:

  • Detect and prevent fraud across all bank channels and financial products, and respond rapidly to changing fraud patterns and regulations, with a comprehensive set of fraud management tools
  • Apply proven analytics, detection logic authoring, and Actimize's breadth of global fraud expertise for superior detection model performance
  • Monitor transactions in real time, allowing for targeted interdiction to minimize losses and improve customer experience
  • Streamline fraud operations and support core fraud management functions - alert routing and prioritization, workflow management, investigation, and operational performance reporting - with intuitive, web-based tools
  • Enable risk-based authentication methods and customer contact strategies for effective fraud prevention and an enhanced customer experience
  • Allow customers to continue to transact while fraudulent attempts are blocked for investigation with real-time detection and efficient fraud resolution processes
  • Aggregate inputs from multiple channels, systems, and vendors through the risk hub which ingests the information, enriches scoring and activity and provides consolidated alerts and a holistic view of risk

Actimize Enterprise Fraud Solutions deliver real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention that supports a holistic, fraud management program.

  • Comprehensive domain expertise in channel and payment fraud prevention
  • Enterprise fraud management platform, protecting the full payment lifecycle
  • Holistic approach with proven fraud-specific models and client authored analytics
  • Open platform with built-in flexibility to support the entire fraud ecosystems