Enterprise Case Management

Centralize Risk and Compliance Management Across the Enterprise

The landscape of financial crime, regulatory compliance and corporate security is rapidly changing. The liabilities are greater than ever, yet effective risk mitigation is challenging. For large organizations, security, compliance and risk management challenges can be global in scale, yet applications for managing them often are implemented in a siloed fashion. How can financial institutions gain enterprise-wide control over these issues? Actimize Enterprise Risk Case Manager can help.

Proactively address risk and compliance issues across the enterprise

Actimize Enterprise Risk Case Manager helps organizations proactively address risk and compliance issues. Using a central platform for holistic case and alert management, robust investigations, automated regulatory and management reporting, and more Actimize Enterprise Risk Case Manager meets the needs of regulatory compliance, financial crime and corporate security organizations at regional and global institutions.

Leveraging more than 20 years of combined investigations management expertise from NICE Actimize and Syfact (acquired by Actimize in 2009) Enterprise Risk Case Manager consolidates information from any existing detection system into a single, user-friendly application that manages alerts, cases, investigations, regulatory reporting, financial losses and more, company-wide.
The NICE Actimize technology is used at financial services firms across the globe, including Bank of America, ING, and Rabobank. It provides unmatched enterprise scalability, handling thousands of users across lines of business, and risk and compliance groups.
Actimize Enterprise Risk Case Manager enables clients to improve risk management and compliance operations, reduce IT and operational costs, and adapt to evolving business and regulatory needs with capabilities to:
  • Connect disparate systems to generate an enterprise-level view across millions of cases, alerts and entities
  • Investigate with interactive tools, on-demand access to data, and visual link analysis
  • Automatically file regulatory reports for the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions
  • Improve staff efficiency and adherence to company policies and procedures with comprehensive workflow management
  • Monitor operations with oversight dashboards and reporting; audit with ease, using specialized tools
  • Configure and scale for unique business and regulatory needs with easy to use tools
  • Lower implementation costs, consolidate resources and save on software engineering with built-in self-development capabilities
Actimize Enterprise Risk Case Manager supports the entire case management lifecycle from input, to investigation, to response with unique features specifically designed for financial services firms:
  • Ingests alerts from any internal or third-party system, enabling holistic management of financial crime, corporate security and compliance
  • Links key data elements—customers, accounts, employees and more—to produce high-quality, consolidated alerts for investigation
  • Enables rapid, ad hoc analysis of large volumes of data with proven interactive investigation tools
  • Exposes networks of associates, events and historical cases using visual link analysis capabilities
  • Ensures adherence to regulations and corporate policies with pre-configured (and configurable) workflow management
  • Effectively manages daily tasks and key risk metrics using interactive reports and dashboards