Compliance Essentials

Essential Compliance Tools for the Trading Floor

NICE Compliance Essentials is a set of solutions that enable trading floors to record and store transactions and interactions in any media, and flexibly and securely manage and access archived material on demand. Together, they enable trading floors to not only ensure regulatory compliance across the globe but improve the efficiency of business processes and lower operating costs—important capabilities in a strict regulatory environment and turbulent economy.


NICE Compliance Essentials

NICE Compliance Essentials is a set of three solutions: NICE Trading Recording, NICE Distributed Recording and NICE Trading Replay Authorization. Together, theyhelp financial firms to:

  • Capture Voice - Most trades are made by phone, so capturing calls--whether conducted on the trading floor, in the back office or on a mobile device--is core to regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.
  • Capture Text- Today’s communications on trading floors extend beyond voice. Trades are made by email, chat and other text-based channels. NICE captures these transactions, as well.
  • Ensure Security– Iron-clad data storage is a key regulatory requirement. NICE Trading Recording employs 256-bit Rijndael Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) audio encryption the most secure encryption available—coupled with MD5 fingerprinting to secure all audio files against unauthorized alteration or editing.
  • Assure Reliability- NICE Distributed Recording ensures that all elements of the capture system are fully redundant. Its many resilience features protect trading floors against the operational failures that can render essential interactions and information incomplete.
  • Authorize Access- To ensure high-quality call replay without sacrificing efficiency or compliance, NICE Trading Replay Authorization provides a secure approval process via an intuitive web-based portal and customizable workflow.















NICE Compliance Essentials enable global financial institutions to:

  • Record 100% of trading floor communications
  • Adapt to growing regulatory compliance needs
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with MiFID, Dodd-Frank and all other governmental requirements
  • Secure all calls and data with encryption and access-authorization processes
  • Minimize exposure to costly disputes and claims
  • Maintain an audit trail of verbal conversations and commitments










NICE Compliance Essentials enable trading floors to:

  • Record calls in VoIP,  SIP, TDM and hybrid telephony environments
  • Capture voice and text interactions originating on the trading floor, in the front or back office, and on mobile phones
  • Support disaster recovery centers and multi-site operations
  • Ensure redundancy and business continuity
  • Secure data storage through end-to-end media encryption, authentication and server hardening