Anti-Money Laundering

Comply with Anti-Money Laundering Requirements from Regulators Worldwide

Financial services firms such as banks, brokerages and insurance firms must comply with anti-money laundering regulations from agencies around the world like FinCEN, FSA, JAFIC and OSFI. In order to comply, it is essential to identify suspicious transactions, check them against multiple government and third-party watch lists, generate alerts for further investigation, and file suspicious activity reports with the relevant authorities. How can you meet regulatory compliance obligations while managing available resources and long-term costs? Actimize Anti-Money Laundering can help.

NICE Actimize provides end-to-end anti-money laundering compliance solutions to help firms effectively address compliance requirements with limited resources and low total cost of ownership. These solutions are built on a single technology platform and available individually or as an integrated whole:


Industry-leading transaction analytics detect known and unknown money laundering and terrorist financing schemes- proven across multiple industries, products, and services


Comprehensive screening against multiple watch lists to identify and manage sanctioned or high-risk individuals and entities with unique real-time and name recognition capabilities


Integrated risk-based rating and continuous monitoring of accounts throughout the entire customer lifecycle- from initial applicant onboarding to ongoing customer due diligence

The Actimize Anti-Money Laundering solution suite automates, streamlines and drives down the cost of enterprise anti-money laundering compliance, providing firms with capabilities to:
  • Manage a complete anti-money laundering program leveraging a single, shared software platform across solutions
  • Leverage combined best practices and unique analytics and technology from Actimize and Fortent
  • Improve staff productivity by ~50% with robust alert management, investigation and reporting tools
  • Adapt to meet evolving needs using out-of-the-box rules with tunable parameters
  • Deploy rapidly and lower TCO with flexible data architecture and user-friendly controls
The Actimize Anti-Money Laundering solution suite enables firms to comply with anti-money laundering regulations by enhancing surveillance activities and streamlining internal processes with capabilities such as:
  • Industry-leading transaction analytics to detect known and unknown money laundering schemes
  • Intelligent scoring algorithm and built-in interactive learning capabilities to highlight high-risk scenarios
  • Link analysis and network visualization to uncover hidden relationships
  • Integrated risk management of new/existing accounts across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Dynamic, risk-based client data collection for thorough onboarding, leveraging third-party data sources
  • Robust screening of sanctioned and high-risk entities, utilizing government and third-party watch lists
  • Culturally-sensitive, intelligent name matching algorithms that leverage a knowledge-based approach
  • Real-time customer onboarding and streamlined sanctions payment processing with integration into account opening and payment systems (e.g., SWIFT)