Financial Crime & Compliance Solutions

NICE financial crime, risk & compliance solutions provide proven capabilities for real-time and cross-channel fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, brokerage compliance and enterprise-wide case management. With this complete set of best-in-class packaged solutions, financial institutions can tighten risk controls, lower operational and IT costs, enhance investigation efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

Compliance EssentialsCompliance Essentials
Capture, protect and search for voice and text interactions to comply with global regulatory compliance regulations 
Proactive ComplianceProactive Compliance
Reconstruct trades based on interactions to detect regulatory breaches or fraud, and provide reports on emerging compliance risks
Anti-Money LaunderingAnti-Money Laundering
Comply with anti-money laundering requirements from regulators worldwide
Capital Markets ComplianceCapital Markets Compliance
Deter Non-Compliant Activities with Global Compliance Risk Management
Fraud PreventionFraud Prevention
Detect, prevent and identify fraud before losses occur
Enterprise Case ManagementEnterprise Case Management
Meet the needs of regulatory compliance, financial crime and corporate security