Trading Recording

Meeting Global Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Changes in legislative and technical environments and the recent economic downturn are forcing financial institutions to develop new strategies to improve operations, reduce costs and support business and service enhancements. Many legacy recording systems cannot comply with modern security needs.

With NICE Trading Recording, regulatory compliance is built in, thanks to a secure and automated process that documents all access to call recordings and delivers instant call retrieval and replay to the workstation. The system is accessed through a standard web browser, with all activity fully documented for a complete audit trail of every event, including the time of playback.
NICE Trading Recording can be extended with NICE Distributed Recording for central administration and search and replay, and with NICE Trading Replay Authorization for an automated replay authorization workflow.

NICE Trading Recording provides financial firms with robust support for their mission-critical needs:

  • Regulatory compliance - Automated call recording enables financial organizations to retain records of all customer interactions in compliance with external regulations and internal policies.
  • Dispute management - Sophisticated search, retrieval and call replay capabilities help resolve customer disputes quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Retention management - Automated archiving stores call recordings for a pre-defined retention period and completely deletes them upon the expiration date.
  • Flexibility - Call recording in front- and back-offices using TDM, VoIP or hybrid telephony is supported on a single system.






NICE Trading Recording offers global financial institutions a recording platform for:

  • Regulatory Compliance – Automated policies and processes to ensure compliance with global regulations
  • Security and Reliability - Secure and safe data storage with maximum resilience
  • Access and Audit Control - Protected by strict access rules and audit trails
  • Efficiency - Search, replay and other on-board tools for fast and easy dispute resolution and clarification of transactions






NICE Trading Recording provides financial firms with advanced capabilities:

  • Scalable – Supports trading floors, back offices and branch operations on a single platform
  • Secure – Fingerprinting and the industry’s highest standards for encryption are built in
  • Reliable – Resilience features such as disaster recovery, redundancy and data repository provide peace of mind for records retention