Trading Replay Authorization

Compliant Authorized Replay Workflow for Trading Floors 

NICE Trading Replay Authorization encapsulates the complete process from request for call playback to approval and playback in one clickable workflow, accessible via its secure yet intuitive web-based portal. It replaces the standard search and replay function of NICE Trading Recording.

NICE Trading Replay Authorization offers customizable configuration, enabling all existing processes to be replicated in the system’s simple, automated workflow, and its several approval and playback options accommodate current workflow processes. Plus, dynamic links to the company’s Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) enables it to automatically tap the organization’s existing approval hierarchy. This flexibility ensures that NICE Trading Replay Authorization fits every organization, no matter how complex the authorization process is.



Trading Replay Authorization


NICE Trading Replay Authorization provides financial firms with an efficient, regulation-compliant, three-step workflow:

  • Request – Traders and compliance officers can search for call recordings and preview them with one click. With another click, they can submit a request to access the full replay.
  • Approve – Approvers are notified of replay requests, and can approve or decline them with a single click.
  • Replay – Once approved, requestors are notified and can replay the full recording with just one click from the approval notification











An authorized replay process is required for regulatory compliance in any jurisdiction around the globe. In addition to more stringent regulations, technical advances and the recent economic downturn are changing the financial industry. Banks must develop new strategies to not only comply with regulations, but to improve operations, reduce costs, and support business and service enhancements. NICE Trading Replay Authorization meets these new challenges.


NICE Trading Replay Authorization offers a single intuitive user interface that allows traders and compliance officers to:

  • Search and preview recorded calls
  • Request a full replay
  • Track all past and pending replay requests
  • Approve or decline replay requests
  • Replay complete recordings upon approval
  • Audit all actions from traders and approvers






The configuration of NICE Trading Replay Authorizationoffers:

  • Multipleworkflows for users or department
  • Dynamicworkflows that link automatically to the company’s Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • Multipleapproval scenarios: linear, all must approve, one must approve
  • Multiplereplayoutput methods: desktop speakers, phone or audio file