Boost Customer Loyalty, Control Operating Costs and Improve Revenue Performance 

Whether a transportation company moves people or cargo, satisfying customers and retaining their business is an important key to success. Competition for customers is becoming increasingly intense, even as operating budgets are strained by rising fuel and labor costs. Companies often seek cost-efficiencies in the call center; delivering them means giving customers the quality of service they expect in a way that optimizes operational efficiency.


NICE helps transportation call centers successfully meet these challenges by enabling them to:


  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Respond promptly and accurately to customer inquiries
  • Reduce refunds and credits resulting from disputes
  • Improve sales and collections performance 


NICE provides a broad offering of business solutions targeted to address critical operational and strategic needs in the transportation call center, such as first contact resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT), churn reduction as well as sales and collections effectiveness.

Increased competition drives overall customer contact volumes higher as customers look for the best deals. Transportation call centers must be able to handle this increase without the luxury of additional staff and in a way that results in a positive customer experience.
Since the majority of call center expenses result from labor costs, any increase in productivity significantly improves your bottom line. Employees must be used where their skills will have the most benefit and they must perform their duties quickly and capably. When customers call to inquire about rates, get a status update, or request changes, call center employees need to act effectively and efficiently at the Decisive Moment™ of the interaction.

How NICE Helps

Stay attentive to the bottom line by maximizing employee productivity, while giving customers the satisfying experience they expect. NICE helps accurately align resources with customer demands and then ensure prompt and consistent responses with:
In the increasingly competitive transportation marketplace, retaining current customers and winning new ones from competitors is a top priority. Customers evaluate their relationship with a business every time they interact with it. Making the most out of these Decisive Moments™ is essential. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, transportation companies can compete on service, rather than price, preventing profit margin erosion.  


How NICE Helps

NICE helps optimize the call center's impact  on customer retention. Providing customers a satisfying experience requires an in-depth understanding of their expectations. Gain that understanding and then make sure employees consistently meet customer expectations at the Decisive Moment™ of the interaction:
In a complex industry like transportation, mistakes can happen. When they do, customers expect compensation. But the legitimacy of disputes is not always clear. A full record of transactions, including conversations between customers and call center employees, is often needed to determine the accuracy of claims. Customer service-related mistakes can be avoided by ensuring call center employees follow established processes and procedures. Proactively identifying performance issues and addressing them promptly lowers the possibility of customer disputes and claims. 


How NICE Helps

A full record of interactions between call center employees and customers enables businesses to accurately assess what transpired when transportation service doesn’t go as planned. Call recordings can be used to judge the veracity of disputes and ensure proper compliance with processes and procedures. NICE helps capture customer interactions, retrieve them quickly when needed, and ensure process conformance with:
As competitive pressures increase and transport and labor costs continue to rise, transportation companies must focus on expanding revenue possibilities and maintaining cash flow. Call center employees must explore every customer interaction as a cross-sell or up-sell opportunity and take appropriate action at the Decisive Moment™. With profit margins continually being squeezed, maintaining cash flow becomes more important than ever. Ensuring that customer bills are fully paid on time is a critical part of the business’ financial health.


How NICE Helps

Focus on improving sales and collections performance by identifying best-practice behaviors and isolating sub-par performance. NICE solutions monitor the effectiveness of sales efforts and identify opportunities for improvement, including: