Success Stories

Saved $250,000 by identifying and addressing off phone time work using NICE solutions

Decreased customer defections and improved agent coaching with NICE Customer Interactions Solutions


ADT used NICE Interaction Management Release 4 with NICE Interaction Analytics to drive a 5 point improvement in the customer save rate while increasing agent proficiency 7.08%. 

Cut average processing time from 45 to 30 seconds for new agents, and enabled more time for agents to focus on service and sales

Developed call analytics strategy to extract value from full-spectrum voice recording in order to enhance customer loyalty, reduce cost, and understand root causes of dissatisfaction and repeat calls

Alliance Data increased their overall CSAT score by 2.7 percent and Customer Effort score by 3.1 percent with NICE Fizzback.

Saved great deal of money by understanding FCR driver and taking actions across all organizational levels to address them

Created a Best Practices Library aimed at supporting continuous improvement toward main business goals, including enhancing customer experience and improving operational efficiencies

Increased revenue-generating transfers to partners by 20% by analyzing and discovering best-selling practices

Improved operational efficiency by identifying agent knowledge gaps and coach them for specific behavioral changes