​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cross-Channel Interaction Recording​​

​​Capture every cu​stomer ​interaction ​

In the past, interactions with customers were recorded for later playback. Today, they are being captured for on-the-spot insight and action. Moreover, they need to be captured in order to ensure regulatory compliance, gain understanding as to why customers are calling and for quality management purposes. This set of complex and diverse needs is fully addressed by the speed and scale of the NICE Engage Platform.

Comprehe​nsive and flexible interaction recording

The NICE Engage Platform provides comprehensive cross-chann​el interaction recording. Designed for flexibility, it easily adapts to your call center's unique operational requirements. In a single platform, you'll have support for thousands of concurrent IP streams: capturing, forwarding streams in real time, recording and archiving. ​

  • Multi-channel recording - including voice, video, screen, chat, email and SMS
  • Unprecedented recording scalability - linear scalability that supports thousands of channels per interaction recorder
  • Supporting your growth - seamlessly migrate technology as your contact center grows and evolves
  • Next generation business continuity - high availability and lightning-speed disaster recovery
  • Flexibility - supporting virtually any telephony and storage environment

Unrivalle​​d total cost of ownership

So how do we do it? Leveraging high-scale recording and 100% real-time streaming capabilities, with a minimal server footprint, ensures unparalleled low Total Cost of Ownership. Server and client virtualization reduces the amount of resources consumed, while comprehensive multi-site call recording optimizes your use of network resources and enables data center consolidation. ​

Main​taining compliance and quality

The NICE Engage Platform also captures non-voice interactions such as agent screen, video, chat and email, and stores them in a single recording platform. With a complete record of all interactions and minimal data loss with high availability capabilities, you'll be able to meet business and regulatory requirements. ​

Contact us today to learn how you can capture all your customer interactions from a single, scalable platform.​​​

NICE User Group Community 

​NICE also hosts the world's largest community of industry professionals. The NICE User Group (NUG) helps members optimize the value of NICE applications in their organizations through sharing of best practices. The group partners with NICE to provide an online environment for members to interact and share knowledge. NUG also works closely with leadership at NICE to influence product and service direction. To learn more about the NICE User Group (NUG), please visit www.niceus​ergroup.

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