​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Voice of the Customer: Drive Action​

Moving from insights to​​​ action

NICE Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions are action-focused; they aim to put the right insights into the right people's hands in real-time. Here's how the solutions are impacting businesses today:

Performance ma​​nagement

By directly tying Voice of the Customer feedback to individual frontline staff, you can tailor coaching and improvement sessions, as well as appropriately reward high-performance staff. NICE VoC not only measures performance, but also gives the necessary insight into how to improve performance.

  • Segmentation of agents by performance quartiles to prioritize coaching
  • Creating friendly competition with Peer Comparison
  • Easy and intuitive user interface

Improved r​​​etention

Effective VoC Action includes identifying changes in customer behavior and quickly engaging with them to determine a course of action. Immediate acknowledgement of the customer's concerns and a clearly defined real-time response can be the key to transforming a customer in danger of leaving the business into a loyal one.

Clients have reported recovering up to 63% of their dissatisfied customers with VoC Action, which translates into millions of dollars in retained revenue.

  • Tactical alerts based on quantitative and qualitative criteria
  • Strategic Health Check alerts for account/contract based customers
  • Closing the loop by repolling recovered customers

Operation​al efficiency

NICE VoC solutions quickly identify hidden operational inefficiencies that may be driving customer dissatisfaction. They may be highly localized or hard to tease out, but with our VoC root cause analysis, they can be identified and effective action can be immediately taken. One of our clients identified and repaired over 200 faulty processes in just nine months.

  • Highlighting processes which are driving down customer satisfaction
  • Identifying up and down stream issues within the customer journey
  • Uncovering back office issues impacting customer perception

Customer​ experience

If you want your customers to have a positive experience, then VoC analysis has to lead to action throughout the customer's lifecycle. By regularly identifying changing trends and drivers behind customer satisfaction, you will be able to adapt your processes, pricing or product offerings accordingly. With a VoC Action plan, you will be ahead of the curve in anticipating and reacting to shifts in customer experience.

And that means:

  • Improved churn, retention, call resolution, satisfaction ​and loyalty
  • Better customer relationships
  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Timely customer intelligence

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