Voice of the Customer Solutions

Transform your business - ​from top to bottom

The NICE Voice of the Customer (VOC) Suite brings together our leading solutions for capturing customer interactions and feedback, translating them into valuable insights, and transforming your business for the better. ​

Engage customers for their feedback

Reach out to all your customers for feedback, in real-time, across all channels and touchpoints, at the moment of truth. For direct Voice of the Customer, NICE's timely, personalized and conversational approach improves both the rate and quality of survey responses - for maximum business value.​

  • Gather real-time feedback from multiple channels
  • Unlock verbatim feedback with the Natural Language Processing engine
  • Configurable and visually intuitive dashboards
  • Receive real-time alerts for customers at risk of churn​

Anal​yze to uncover insights

Combine best-in-class direct and indirect VOC Analytics to extract valuable insights into the customer experience and uncover the drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction hidden in cross-channel customer interactions. 

  • ​Drill dow​n with​ advanced analytics including Sentiment Analysis and Root Cause Analysis​
  • Gauge the emotional state of your customers by analyzing their voices for tell-tale variations in pitch or tone
  • ​Track Hot Topics - the most frequent topics mentioned by customers, identifying trending customer satisfaction issues​

Turn insi​ght into action​

Leverage Voice of the Customer analysis to quickly recover dissatisfied customers, provide effective real-time next-best-action guidance, reward employee performance, and fix broken processes. 

Our VOC solu​tions turn insights into improvements, inspiring customer loyalty and employee engagement.

  • Set customer satisfaction goals for each individual employee based on their specific call mix, skill set, performance, etc.
  • Target coaching at specific employees and behaviors that will have the most impact on the​ overall customer experience.
  • Improve operational processes and provide feedback for product/pricing issues.

Transfo​rm the culture

Measure, monitor and regularly re-assess customer experience performance, in order to improve operations and make sound strategic decisions. As our Voice of the Customer​ solutions anticipate changing trends and drivers, you will be able to take action -​ adapting your processes, pricing and product offerings accordingly.

Improvements guided by the VOC Suite align around customer satisfaction, in what becomes a positive feedback loop effecting changes to your best practices and training. All of which ultimately means improved churn, retention, call resolution, satisfaction, and loyalty, as well as better customer relations and operational efficiency. And isn't that, after all, what creating long-term value is all about? ​​​​

VoC White Paper is Your Company Worth the Effort External December 2013