​​​​​​​​​​Real-Time Web Engagement Analytics

​​Personalized content th​at drives revenues

When it comes to winning satisfied customers, it's crucial that your content is relevant to the needs and profiles of every individual website visitor.  NICE Real-Time Web Engage solution helps you deliver compelling and timely promotions, offers and ads, based on your customers' individual journey and using advanced predictive analytics.

Deliver the right​​ infor​​mation at the right time

NICE Real-Time Web Engage lets you merge online and offline customer Big Data sources such as demographics, online banking transactions, mobile activity, e-mails and more. With a true picture of your customers' behavior you can deliver appealing content that generates higher conversion rates and brand loyalty.

How does​​ it work?

Featuring NICE's advanced Machine Learning technology and Predictive Analytics algorithms, the solution constantly gathers and analyzes customer behavior. It then allows you to predict ahead of time what content works best in any real-time customer engagement scenario.

  • ​Predicts which products and services would be of most interest to individual customers
  • Extends beyond the web to both email and mobile channels
  • Improves call to actions and increases online conversion rates

The bott​​om line

NICE Real-Time Web Engage enhances the relevance of your online content and helps you deliver more personalized, relevant online customer experiences. You'll see the results in more clicks, more completed online forms, more downloads and more online revenue.  ​​

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