​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Service to ​Sales

​​​A real-time guide to making the sale​

With the expanding role of contact centers, online and telephone, customer interactions have become prime inbound opportunities to promote your products and services. In fact, for many companies, today's contact center has become a central sales channel.

For effective cross-selling and up-selling, though, your frontline agents need to be able to spot and follow the sales leads in any customer interaction. They need to quickly profile the customer, identify their needs, know when that decisive opportunity comes – and take advantage of it.

But service agents are no experts in sales. So we hold their hands and navigate the sales process with them, giving them all the tips and data they need, on the spot, in order to make an offer and close the deal.

From analytics to the next-best-offer

NICE Service-to-Sales is a dynamic and precise guide to successful sales during interactions, seamlessly providing your agents with a next-best-offer specifically tailored to each customer. Using our real-time analytics technologies – such as real-time decisioning, desktop analytics, and real-time speech analytics – the solution accompanies agents step by step, from service to sales. ​

  • Analyze customer profile
  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities as they arise
  • Determine the eligibility and relevance of promotional offers in real-time
  • Incorporate new information from the current interaction
  • Single click access to all the necessary information needed to finalize the sales

From con​version to automation

Once the customer approves the offer, NICE Service-to-Sales also takes agents through the process of taking the order, automating routine sales processes. For example, data will be copied and pasted from CRM and the offer management system into the ordering system, and the order will be executed automatically. This way handle time is shortened and the agents have more time for other tasks.​

  • Agents focus on the customer, not the sales procedures
  • Customers enjoy a smoother, better experience
  • Service and sales are consistent across all channels

​Who said​ sales can't be fun?

Agents need to be fully engaged throughout the sales process. The idea is simple: If you reward your employees and recognize their achievements, they will be motivated to bring better results. That's why we include gamification capabilities in NICE Service-to-Sales ​to increase sales and have fun doing it.​

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