​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sales Performance Management

​​​Improve sales effectiveness

Optimize your sales performance and operations - from coaching through quota modeling, incentives compensation planning, territory management, gamification, dispute resolution –all the way to reporting, business intelligence and what-if analysis. 

NICE Sales Performance Management handles the most complex crediting requirements, addressing the needs of some of the world’s largest brands. Our system processes millions of transactions on a daily basis, delivering commission statements to payees in near real-time and driving sales teams to optimize their performance. 

Catering to the needs of sales reps, sales executives and compensation administrators, our Sales Performance Management solution provides:

  • Improved sales productivity and sales rep engagement 
  • Accurate compensation payments with minimal errors 
  • Increased management visibility into sales teams and channel performance 
  • Alignment of sales rep behavior with organizational goal

Drive behavior and engage your sales team

NICE SPM lets you efficiently model, analyze and drive sales team behavior to meet your dynamic business needs. Sales reps thrive on controlling their destiny, so why not provide them with real-time info on how they are performing and what their checks will look like? With NICE, sales reps and payees can view near real-time commission statements and perform what-if analysis directly from their mobile device or from a web portal. 

Use our advanced analytics to track top performers and identify sales reps who may require coaching. Apply gamification techniques to keep sales reps motivated and engage them with non-monetary rewards, SPIFFs and other special incentives to drive results.

​100 million transactions with real-time statements  

How many SPM solutions can handle complex crediting and process over 100 million transactions within a few hours? NICE can. And we proceed to deliver statements to 7000 payees globally. In near real time. Daily. 

If your sales operations require complex crediting chains, returns, callbacks, or large transaction volume, you’ve reached the right place. Our SPM solution offers unmatched calculation time of fast-moving sales data so you can quickly deliver results to those that need it; which also means that you can accurately drive the desired sales behavior – knowing you have the most up-to-date metrics available. 

Optimize incentive compensation

Rather than just pay commission, the NICE Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) lets you easily build, communicate and approve the most sophisticated compensation plans to optimize the impact of your incentive programs. 

Compensation administrators can independently build and adjust plans with no IT help, using visual drag-and-drop modeling, data import tools, Excel-like calculators and a wealth of time-saving tools. Built-in workflows enable automating payment disputes, plan approval and payroll processes, reducing manual work and streamlining communication with sales teams. With all data tracked and time-stamped, you’ll always comply with auditability requirements.

Key capabilities

  • Incentive compensation management 
  • Quota management 
  • Territory management
  •  Dispute resolution, p​lan acceptance and payout automated workflows 
  • Coaching and gamification 
  • Sales analytics 
  • Mobile and portal apps

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