​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Voice Biometrics​

Leveraging customers' uniqu​e voice for an enhanced customer experience

Is tha​​​t you?​

You know that we each have a unique fingerprint, but did you know that your voice is a unique identifier​​ as well? Voice biometrics can accurately verify the speaker at the other end of the line - just like your mother can, except it can do that for millions of customers.

More personal customer experience takes center stage when you know who you're talking to - you would never ask a friend for their mother's maiden name.

How doe​​s it work?

Voice biometrics uses voice patterns to produce unique identification for every individual, using more than 100 physical and behavioral factors. These include pronunciation, emphasis, speed of speech, accent, as well as physical characteristics of your vocal tract, mouth and nasal passages.​

The ​NICE voice biometrics offering is text independent and language independent, so you can talk naturally in whatever language you feel most comfortable.

Puttin​g your voice to work

The uniqueness of each customer's voice allows you to let your customers get straight to the point without the annoying security questions. It also allows you to identify fraudsters to protect your customers and your enterprise.

NICE leverages voice biometrics to:

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