​​​​​​​​​​​Email and Chat Recording

​​Capture eve​​ry customer interaction​

There have never been so many ways to communicate. Telephony calls are just one way - and not necessarily the one used most often. Email, chat and text message (SMS) interactions are being used increasingly by customers in all industries. This means that capturing and monitoring interactions across all communication channels is crucial for organizations. 

Capturing all your intera​ctions​

NICE Engage Platform is a comprehensive solution that allows you to record and analyze your multi-channel communications with customers. Traditional voice, screen, video and text interactions are all captured and analyzed using the same platform, allowing you to provide a consistent experience across all channels. ​

  • Investment protection - leveraging your current NICE infrastructure for recording text interactions such as email and chat
  • Lower IT costs - serving the entire enterprise on a single capturing platform
  • Capture all interactions - including voice, video, screen, chat, email and SMS recording in a single system
  • Flexible text recording - capturing multiple text sources with a single text recorder

​Enteprise-grade infrastructure

NICE Engage Platform provides you with an enterprise-grade infrastructure for recording, archiving, viewing and analyzing multi-channel interactions. Our open architecture enables quick integration with any enterprise data sources for chat and email in the contact center.

Contact us today to learn how NICE Engage Platform captures and records all of your customer interactions.​​

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