​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Performance Management  ​

​​​​Drive performance with engaged employees

You can't transform your culture with a dashboard – ​it takes a performance system. For more than ten years, across hundreds of companies, NICE Performance Management helped culture change to improve CSAT by 10+ points while reducing cost by 10+ percent.

​​Transparency in coaching

NICE Performance Management is for change agents. If you've been tasked with transforming multiple metrics at the same time, NICE provides unprecedented levels of transparency.​

  • Align the entire organization around a common source of data and goals
  • Automate reports so managers and supervisors can spend time on their most important job - coaching
  • Deliver targeted coaching and dynamic goals straight to the frontline

Unlock t​he secrets of your data with insight

Your organization gathers a wealth of rich and complex data. Creating data siloes with corporate data crunchers doesn't help your most important assets, your employees. Instead, provide insight to your entire team:

  • Put clear data visualizations and root cause analytics at the fingertips of your frontline
  • Leverage interaction analytics to get to the root cause of service issues with a single click
  • Automate alerts to supervisors and managers on emerging issues​

Motiva​​te your employees every day

Transformation into a performance driven culture requires motivating employees to stay engaged each and every day. Gamification and collaboration keep your employees at the top of their game​

  • Target skills development to ensure your people are consistently up-to-date
  • Recognize achievements with gamification rewards
  • Create performance driven culture by openly sharing best practices

Customer experience and operating cost are not opposing metrics you can move both needles at the same time; but it takes a cross-enterprise effort. NICE Performance Management is a key enabler as you drive change.

Stay on the cutting edge -​ NICE Performance Management is available on-premise or via the cloud.

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