​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Robotic Process Automation​ (RPA)​​​

​​Optimize back office resources for ​​significant cost saving​

Every organization has routine tasks that demand accuracy and speed, but don't really require decision-making to accomplish. In fact, such repetitive processes –clerical, time-consuming and error-prone - can be a cause of frustration for employees, as well as a waste of precious resources.

But what if you could assign such mundane -​ but mission-critical jobs​ to an accurate, fast and single-minded employee?

Say, like a robot. ​


Scale back​​​​​​ the back office

Just such robots are at the heart of the NICE Robotic Automation solution for automation of routine back office and contact center processes. Installed on virtual servers, these robots handle end-to-end processes, essentially performing any task which the human user would otherwise do manually. A robot can carry out any type of task which is assigned to it, performing it quickly and accurately every time.

  • ​Optimize Resources - taking over labor-intensive administrative tasks, they free your employees for more high-value activities. By focusing on decision-making and customer service that can't be automated, your personnel are far more efficiently employed and feel more professionally engaged ​
  • Cut costs - with automation of work processes, administrative costs are reduced immediately and no additional back office resources are needed, for a quick return on your investment​
  • ​24x7 Productivity -​ Robots can work around the clock, on nights and weekends, and they don't take coffee breaks
  • Speed - Robots are 4-5 times faster than a person. This allows quicker turnaround for customer requests and significantly improve SLAs
  • ​Accuracy - Robots don't make mistakes or judgment calls, and they don't get tired. With routine processes completed flawlessly, every time, you don't need to allocate time for making corrections
​From start to finish, robotic process automation takes over all the steps you designate, freeing your busy personnel and increasing efficiency. ​

How does robotic process​ automation software work?

A central management module oversees the queuing of tasks, monitors process completion and system livelihood, and allocates robotic resources according to need at any given time.

  • Automate anything, from any source - imitate any desktop activity such as log-in/ out of applications, field entry, copy and paste, template auto-fill, calculations, and more; from all third-party systems, including CRM, billing, homegrown or Citrix applications
  • ​Allocate resources - our robots pull their tasks from a queue automatically organized according to request status and the robotic resources needed


As your enterprise grows, you can scale up the power of Robotic Automation to match your changing needs


Our built-in watchdog mechanism ensures system uptime

Monitoring and​ alerts

Robotic Automation tracks transaction successes and failures, the number of transactions and wait times, and the status of each robot. It provides alerts when there's a need for manual supervisor involvement

Contact us today and hire a few perfectionist robots to start saving you money.

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