​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Real-Time​​ Authentication

​Enough with all ​the ​questions

Customers don't like the interrogation of the authentication process. It's tedious and there's just too much to remember. Aside from creating a negative customer experience from the outset of the call, the authentication process is costing you time and money.

Do you really need to start every call with a lengthy authentication process?

Definitely not, with NICE Real-Time Authentication.

​Effortless voice authentication

NICE Real-Time Authentication allows you to​ listen to your customers and immediately address their service request. You can simply skip all those annoying questions. Using voice biometrics, customers are automatically and effortlessly authenticated in the first few seconds of the call through the natural course of their conversation with an agent.

We leverage each customer's unique voice to strengthen and streamline the authentication process.

With NICE Real-Time Authentication contact centers can:

  • Securely​ authenticate ​customers in real-time with no customer effort
  • Expedite time to service, reduce the average handle time and free up more time for revenue generating activities
  • Passively enroll the vast majority of their customers seamlessly
  • Improve fraud protection on all enrolled accounts​

Operationalize voice biometrics

NICE Real-Time Authentication operationalizes voice biometrics in complex contact center environments to provide an end-to-end voice authentication solution that's beyond just an engine, including:

  • Solving the challenge of enrolling millions of customers with our patent-​pending Seamless™ Passive Enrollment that leverages your previous call recordings
  • Handling complex real-time audio streams to enable timely analysis from the first second of the call ​through our Advanced Interaction Recorder
  • Applying ​multi-factor authentication for improved security including voice biometrics and dynamic security questions
  • Guiding the agent in real time to expedite the time to service
  • ​Enrolling only legitimate customers by applying four layers of security to every call​

Reduce ​​handle time across millions of calls

Not only will you be making your customers' lives easier, you'll be saving their time and yours. NICE's Voice Authentication reduces handle time on average by 30-45 seconds per call. Multiply that by millions of calls a year, and it adds up to significant savings for your contact center.​​​​​​​


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