Education Services

NICE Education Services partners with you to achieve full solution adoption. We help prepare your workforce to configure, rollout, operate and support the NICE solution – tailored exactly to your organization’s environment and needs.


NICE training programs are role-specific, focused on the knowledge and daily tasks that each individual in your organization needs to understand. This means that training sessions are always effective and practical. The Education Development Center, with full-time experienced instructional designers and training experts, works closely with NICE software developers to ensure that all training programs and materials are fully aligned with the NICE solutions’ capabilities and values.


NICE Education Specialists, full-time trainers with extensive business operational experience who are well-versed and experienced in adult training methodologies, offer expert guidance in implementing NICE solutions. They know how to work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, and across multiple vertical markets – anywhere on the globe. Every NICE Education Specialist works with dozens of organizations every year and knows how to tailor course content to customer-specific needs.


Faced with the challenges of software upgrades, new rollouts, multiple locations, ROI considerations and employee turnover, education is ongoing and the cycle is never really complete. Even after the most successful rollout, the need to maintain  and enhance users’ knowledge and expertise is always a priority.


NICE Education Services Portfolio

Whether you are implementing or upgrading to new NICE technology or simply refreshing your staff’s skills using an existing system, NICE has the right solution to meet your educational needs. NICE’s Education Services portfolio supports NICE Enterprise and Security solutions and includes: 

  • Key-user application courses: Hands-on training covering the full functionality and capability of NICE applications for administrators, quality management staff, compliance and risk officers, business analysts and managers  
  • End-user training: Instructor-led, web-based or blended training covering the processes and functionality of NICE applications for supervisors, team leaders and other end-users  
  • Technical courses: On-site or campus-based, hands-on training for IT personnel covering the technical aspects of NICE technologies focused on system monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting  
  • Online learning: An education portal offering a wide selection of eLearning solutions for all user types, both self-paced and live
  • Customized training: Instructor-led, web-based tailored-made training for any type of educational need


NICE Education Portal

The NICE Education Portal is available at It is a comprehensive online learning center with valuable learning tools to optimize NICE Enterprise and Security solutions. The portal provides a wealth of information in the form of online training, best practices, helpful documentation and much more.


The NICE Education Portal contains the following learning tools:

  • Online learning programs tailored for different professional roles
  • Content Packs with premium sets of online learning programs and activities
  • Tips, tricks and best practices
  • Live webinars hosted by NICE Education Specialists
  • Ask-A-Trainer application forums
  • Schedule and registration links to NICE public training courses

Registration is free of charge to all users of NICE solutions. Content Packs are available for an additional fee.


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