Customer Engagement Analytics

Understand the Full Customer Journey 

Customers’ interactions with their service providers are a journey—an increasingly complex one at that. This journey is shaped with every outreach via the web, email or online chat, social media and phone, and every billing statement, payment and purchase. Despite the complexity, customers expect providers to know their journey’s every turn. But with thousands of customers generating millions of contacts every day, following the customer journey would require a very sophisticated roadmap.

Let NICE Customer Engagement Analytics be your customer journey GPS. Powered by state-of-the-art Big Data technology, this smart analytics platform maps the cross-channel customer journey, capturing and analyzing what was said, written and done each step of the way, for every customer. Now, you can map the customer journey,and re-route its bottlenecks, blind alleys and dead-ends.  


Having the ability to understand the customer journey requires Big Data capability to extract insights from mountains of customer information across a number of dimensions. NICE Customer Engagement Analytics applies a unique combination of technologies, listed here, to not only map the customer journey, but also enable you to make it better.


Customer Journey Mapping

Combining data from transactions, customer interactions, agents’ desktop activity, and customer feedback, NICE Customer Engagement Analytics generates a complete view of the customer journey, both for individual customers and customers at large. Now you can follow the journey of a customer who, for example, receives his bill, then logs into his web account, emails the company, and finally calls the contact center. You can also see how many other customers’ journeys are the same or similar, which can be useful in identifying broken processes.


Interaction Analytics

NICE Interaction Analytics is a cornerstone of our revolutionary Customer Engagement Analytics. It captures and analyzes speech and text interactions, and the vocal and emotional cues within them. Its innovative speech technologies—speaker separation even on mono recording, emotion detection and call-part analysis—can power accurate insights, while text-based algorithms like automatic interaction clustering can uncover hot topics before they become widespread problems.


Contact Reasoning

Leveraging speech, text, desktop and transaction analytics, NICE Customer Engagement Analytics automatically assigns a reason for all customer contacts. By logging contact reasons, you can identify hot topics and common issues affecting customers.


Repeat Contact Sequencing

Repeat Contact Sequencing identifies the customer in each interaction and transaction, and connects the dots between them, revealing repeat contacts across channels. By applying root cause analysis, you can find out what drives repeat contacts, increase first contact resolution and prevent future calls.


Predictive Analytics

By detecting and analyzing cross-channel behavior patterns, Predictive Analytics can, quite literally, predict the future. It can reveal that, for example, 30% of customers calling to activate a smartphone will call again within 72 hours with questions about setting up an email account on their new device. Knowing this, you can take action to pre-empt future calls by addressing the predicted issue up front, during the first call. In this case, smartphone activation calls can automatic cue prompts for agents to proactively ask customers if they can help them set up email on their phones.  

NICE Customer Engagement Analytics is a Big Data platform that combines analytics from transactions and interactions to…

  • Render a complete view of the customer journey across channels and touchpoints
  • Provide business insights that support fact-based decisions
  • Positively impact business objectives, such as call volume reduction, sales effectiveness, voice of the customer and compliance
  • Produce reliable metrics right down to the individual customer
  • Enable you to create a new, more effective roadmap for the customer journey 

NICE Customer Engagement Analytics encompasses these highly intelligent capabilities:

  • Customer journey mapping: Provides a clear understanding of how customers are interacting with your company
  • Interaction analytics: Captures and analyzes every interaction automatically, across all interaction channels
  • Contact reasoning: Uses the customer interaction journey to automatically assign a reason to each customer contact
  • Repeat contact sequencing: Provides an accurate understanding of which customers—whether individual or in aggregate—contact your company more than once, and what’s driving their calls, emails or texts
  • Predictive analytics: Gives an uncannily accurate, advance picture of how customers will behave so you can work to make future contacts unnecessary