Real-Time Speech Analytics

Impact Customer Interactions at the Decisive Moment™

Real-time speech analytics is an innovative capability that takes traditional speech analytics to the next level. It analyzes customer interactions while they happen and empowers the agent to take the next-best-action, perfect the customer experience and gain the greatest business value from them in real time.


NICE real-time speech analytics analyzes spoken interactions in real time, as they happen. It identifies situations and events in verbal conversations, and generates actionable insight that can positively impact interactions’ outcomes. For example, as it monitors a call, the software can flag a customer as at-risk for churn when he exhibits a series of churn-related signals. It also can identify a hidden sales opportunity—an upgrade to a family plan, perhaps—when a customer mentions she’s getting married or other life-change.


Real-Time Speech Analytics for Triggering Guidance

When real-time speech analytics identifies an actionable insight, it triggers NICE Real-Time Process Optimization to deliver customized guidance directly to the agent’s desktop. This guidance helps the agent address the customer question, resolve a problem, effectively up-sell or cross-sell a new product or service, improve customer satisfaction, or mitigate a churn risk—whatever is needed to produce the most favorable outcome.


Real-Time Speech Analytics for Triggering Supervisor Alerts

Real-time speech analytics also can trigger a supervisor alert during emotionally charged or highly complex interactions that might warrant higher-level oversight. With this feature, supervisors are cued to join or listen in on a live call so they can guide agents in addressing customer situations, or intervene as necessary.


NICE real-time speech analytics is a cutting-edge capability that can help companies uncover and act on insights from customer interactions as they present themselves. Don’t miss a single opportunity to perfect the customer experience. Use real-time speech analytics to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve operational efficiency, and generate revenues at the Decisive Moment™.


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