Desktop Analytics

A Window into Agent In-Call Performance

Desktop Analytics is a key capability of NICE Interaction Analytics, often used in concert with speech analytics. Using a thin client installed on each agent’s desktop, Desktop Analytics tracks the applications, screens and functions that agents use while interacting with customers. This insight enables contact centers to identify agent knowledge gaps and training opportunities as well as improve the customer experience and operational efficiency.


Extract Customer Data

The agent’s desktop can reveal valuable information about customers during interactions. Agents often look up customer accounts within a CRM application. The screen may contain information such as customer demographics, status, and products and services purchased. NICE Interaction Analytics can extract such data via Desktop Analytics and attach it to the interaction as metadata, which can later be used, for example, to list all customers interactions associated with a specific customer ID.


Companies leverage Desktop Analytics to analyze agent behavior during interactions and learn more about the customer. Click to learn more about NICE solutions for contact center operational efficiency, customer experience and revenue growth.