Customer Engagement Analytics

See the Complete Customer Journey

Customers use an ever-growing number of channels to interact with service providers: phone, email, chat, mobile apps, social media, web, IVR and branch locations, to name a few. These interactions generate a huge amount of data that can yield powerful insights to better understand and impact the customer experience. But much of this data is siloed and unstructured. How can you make sense of it all?


NICE Customer Engagement Analytics is the industry’s first platform to enable organizations to capture and analyze all customer interactions, transactions and lifecycle events to get a complete view of the customer journey. Powered by state of the art Big Data technology, it identifies individual customers and sequences their interactions across time and touchpoints to understand the context of the every contact, uncover patterns, predict needs and personalize interactions in real time.

Customer Engagement AnalyticsCustomer Engagement Analytics
Combined transaction and interaction analytics for a complete understanding of the customer journey
Speech AnalyticsSpeech Analytics
Innovative speech technologies to unveil hidden business insights
Real-Time Speech Analytics Real-Time Speech Analytics
Analyze customer interactions while they happen
Text Analytics SoftwareText Analytics
Customer calls transcription and analysis to help derive high-quality insights
Desktop AnalyticsDesktop Analytics
A window into agent in-call performance