Contact Center Interaction Recording

Recording That’s Faster, Smarter and Safer

In today’s contact center, time is of the essence. Mere seconds can mean the difference between customers leaving your business and upgrading their account. Keep your customers happy and they’ll stay loyal to your brand and be more likely to spread the word.

The NICE Engage Platform captures your customer interactions, helps you analyze the reasons why customers are calling, improves your quality management, and ensures regulatory compliance – all with a low total cost of ownership. With its advanced real-time capabilities, the platform powers NICE’s broad portfolio of real-time applications for a significant business impact.  

The NICE Engage Platform delivers comprehensive call recording technology to meet the unique operational requirements of any contact center. The platform supports most telephony environments, including VoIP, traditional TDM and hybrid networks, enabling a seamless transition during technology migrations to easily adapt to your contact center’s needs as it grows and evolves. It supports thousands of concurrent IP streams in a single platform: capturing, forwarding streams in real time, recording and archiving.

The NICE Engage Platform also captures non-voice interactions such as video, chat and email, and stores them in a single recording platform for ensuring regulatory adherence and standardized workforce optimization processes across multiple channels. 

NICE’s contact center recording platform offers you full control over interaction recording. Redundancy and high-availability options provide round-the-clock functionality to capture every interaction if necessary. Additionally, flexible recording rules let you meet the specific requirements of departments or business groups within your organization, including branch operations and work-at-home agents. Flexible storage rules determine where recorded calls are archived and their duration.

The NICE Engage Platform enables organizations to achieve an unparalleled total cost of ownership with high-scale recording and real-time streaming capabilities:

  • One server does it all – voice, screen, archiving and streaming are all in a single server
  • Unprecedented recording scalability with thousands of channels per recording server
  • High-scale real-time streaming for unlimited applications and processes
  • Multi-channel text interaction recording of chat, email, SMS and customer feedback
  • Next generation business continuity with high availability and lightning speed disaster recovery
  • On-premise and cloud deployment options for greater flexibility, lower upfront costs, and faster implementation
  • Minimal loss of data with high dependability capabilities, to satisfy business and regulatory requirements
  • Powerful data security to protect stored calls throughout their lifetime
  • Comprehensive multi-site call recording to optimize your use of network resources and enable data center consolidation