Contact Center Fraud Prevention

Advanced Analytics to Protect Against Fraud

The contact center has become a fraud target. Fraudsters are getting more sophisticated and companies need to protect against fraud across all customer channels. Significant investment has been made to protect customer data and secure the online interactions, however, the contact center has become an identified target for fraudsters as they try to leverage the excess of information available on social networks and manipulate helpful agents for the purposes of social engineering.


Fraud exposure results in direct financial losses and brand equity damage, while customers harmed by fraud are more likely to churn. On the other hand, protecting against fraud drives increased operational costs and creates service hurdles for customers. NICE Contact Center Fraud Prevention addresses these challenges, strengthening fraud protection without increasing service hurdles and operational costs.

NICE’s multi-layered fraud prevention solution leverages automated voice biometrics technology to identify suspicious interactions as they happen. With NICE Contact Center Fraud Prevention organizations can:

  • Screen all contact center interactions and identify fraud
  • Protect all customers against known fraudsters from day one
  • Help agents appropriately handle high-risk interactions
  • Prioritize high risk interactions for investigation before transactions are authorized
  • Monitor and track fraudsters’ behavior to protect against future fraud

The NICE Contact Center Fraud Prevention solution provides a range of benefits to the business, including:

  • Cuts fraud losses without creating service hurdles or compromising customer experience
  • Reduces operational costs by focusing fraud resources only on high-risk interactions
  • Facilitates better service to the legitimate customers by streamlining operations for safe interactions
  • Mitigates customer churn by enabling early fraud detection and proactive contact with customers

NICE Contact Center Fraud Prevention monitors all contact center interactions for fraud, including screening against a watch list of known fraudsters. The solution provides a multi-layered approach by combining the best of breed voice biometrics engine, with NICE Actimize Risk Case Manager, NICE Interaction Analytics and NICE Real-Time Decisioning and Guidance


Voice Biometrics

Uses voice print matching for speaker identification and fraudster identity verification.


Interaction Analytics

Identifies fraud patterns and social engineering tactics based on speech analytics to find key phrases, emotion detection, talk patterns and agent desktop events.


Context Analytics

Uses IVR events, caller geo-location, ANI matching and other contextual data to assess the risk of the call.


Case Management

A fully integrated Risk Case Manager (RCM) is used to open an investigation ticket following identification of a fraud attempts, including playback of suspicious interactions. It can also be integrated with the full NICE Actimize fraud solutions suite (purchased separately).


Real-Time Guidance for Fraud

Real-Time Guidance for Fraud guides agents through knowledge-based authentication and helps them appropriately handle high-risk interactions, through a set of pre-defined fraud handling rules. Depending on the risk associated with a particular call, the system automatically notifies the supervisor in real time while enabling hot or cold call transfer to a fraud officer.