Communication Service Providers

Differentiation and Competitive Advantage on the Front Line 

The convergence of telecommunication services with cable, satellite and Internet services creates a highly competitive market in which customer loyalty is eroding. Service providers must keep pace with continuous technology and product innovation such as smartphones and video on-demand, even as they maintain legacy offerings like landline service. At the Decisive Moment™ of customer interactions, they must handle in parallel billing issues, customer technical problems, and a variety of plans, products and bundles that increase customer confusion and reduce operational efficiency. Against this backdrop, the customer experience has become service providers’ main point of differentiation. Smart technology is needed on the front line in the call center.

NICE Customer Interaction Management solutions help service providers deliver a differentiating customer experience and achieve a competitive advantage by addressing these needs:


  • Reduce churn
  • Increase ARPU
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Resolve disputes


NICE provides a broad offering of business solutions targeted to address critical operational and strategic needs of communication service providers, such as first contact resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT), churn reduction and sales and collections effectiveness.

The multitude of available services, products and bundles complicate customer service and increase average handle time, resulting in lower customer satisfaction and the potential for defection. In order to keep customers on board, service providers must shape interactions as they happen by proactively optimizing call handling and identifying customers at risk to churn before they choose to switch.


How NICE Helps

NICE leverages customer interactions to improve both the customer experience and customer retention:


Strong competition, number portability and greater customer cost-consciousness put pressure on pricing and negatively impact revenue.


How NICE Helps

NICE can help service providers leverage the valuable insights in customer interactions to increase ARPU with:


For service providers, call center agent scheduling is often subject to contractual requirements and union guidelines such as seniority priority. Providers need to be able to automate agent assignment but with preferences so they can meet all union requirements and maintain high staff satisfaction. Meanwhile, they must also balance the need to optimize customer contact handle time with the drive to reduce contact center call volume. For all these issues, better operational efficiency can help. 


How NICE Helps

NICE helps streamline service provider operations including:


Service provider contact centers are evolving, adding sales to their customer service duties. That makes these centers more strategic, but it can also create liability. As a result, internal regulations often require customer sales transactions to be recorded to assist in the resolution of possible disputes. 


How NICE Helps

NICE offers comprehensive compliance recording integrated with Interaction Analytics to help address these issues. By recording 100% of the calls and quickly locating calls of interest via Interaction Analytics, service providers maintain an audit trail of verbal commitments and reduce the risk of costly and lengthy disputes: