Big Data Solutions

Delivering Immediate Insight for Immediate Action

The volume of data companies have accumulated is immense. On average, businesses store hundreds of terabytes of raw data. And, with the proliferation of data sources, devices and web-based technologies, that number promises to grow exponentially.


A wealth of insights lies hidden in this mountain of data: customer preferences, usage trends and patterns, location data, indicators of potential threats and deviations from normal patterns across both internal and external operations. Accessing these insights could make a huge difference to your company. Yet, according to Forrester, 80%of the world’s data is unstructured, comprised of recorded conversations, web and social media interactions, transactions and surveillance video. Making sense of it rapidly for real-time impact has proven so costly and labor-intensive, that few businesses are able to use the data they collect to full advantage. Until now.


NICE uncovers strategic insights from Big Data to recommend the next best action when interacting with customers, preventing financial crime, and safeguarding people and assets. Building on IBM’s Hadoop Distributed File System, or HDFS, a distributed file system for processing big data, we make it simple and cost-effective for companies to not only collect and store massive quantities of data from a wide range of data types--multiple channels, disparate and even third-party, structured and unstructured sources--but analyze it immediately so its insights are exposed for real-time business value. In fact, through the unique combination of our analytics-based solutions and IBM’s technology, only NICE can deliver this kind of immediate insight for immediate decision-making now, across all our lines of business.


NICE: Big Data, Immediate Insight, Right Action.


NICE helps companies transform their Big Data into competitive advantage by:

  • Collecting data from multiple channels, lines of business and data sources
  • Making sense of both structured and unstructured data
  • Analyzing large volumes of data quickly to enable businesses to act on insights in real time
  • Discovering trends and meaningful patterns of behavior
  • Offering a cloud-based storage model to reduce operating costs
  • Leveraging IBM’s market-leading technology to provide best-of-breed Big Data solutions



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