Back Office Workforce Management

Forecast Accuracy and Resource Management

The NICE Back Office Suite includes powerful Workforce Management software designed specifically to handle the complexities and challenges of back office processing environments.  With NICE Back Office Workforce Management at its foundation, the NICE Back Office Suite automates and streamlines a variety of manual tasks while increasing forecast accuracy, providing the ability to manage resources more effectively and ensuring service level agreements are met as efficiently in the back office as in the customer-facing front office.
Business leaders are tasked every day to contain costs and do more with less. After having successfully deployed NICE IEX Workforce Management solutions in the front office to improve their operations, executives are starting to wonder if these tools could bring similar results to the back office. The answer is, yes they can.
NICE Back Office Workforce Management extends front office operational efficiency into back office processing environments. It automates manual processes, improves forecast accuracy, enables managers to view and manage resource capacity and adherence to scheduled tasks, and empowers employees to self-manage scheduling and time-off requests.
Multi-channel operations, where workers handle front office, customer-facing interactions as well as back office processing, and multi-site operations that share work between locations, will especially benefit from the NICE Back Office Workforce Management system’s ability to accurately calculate and allocate resource requirements. Its strength in effectively handling multi-site and multi-channel environments makes NICE Back Office Workforce Management the ideal solution for back office operations.

NICE Back Office Workforce Management enables back office organizations to:
  • Reduce Administration– Automating the manual tasks associated with forecasting and managing resource capacity slashes administrative time and increases the productivity of managers and supervisors


  • Improve Forecast Accuracy– Having an accurate picture of how many employees are needed to handle projected work volume is the key to minimizing costly overtime


  • Increase Employee Productivity– Productivity grows when supervisors have visibility into the actual work activities of their employees


  • Grow Customer Satisfaction– When back office tasks like application approval, claims processing and order fulfillment are handled more efficiently, greater customer satisfaction is the direct result
NICE Back Office Workforce Management software improves back office operational efficiency and effectiveness through:
  • Desktop Data Integration– Integration with desktop process management software enables automated calculation of average processing times


  • Accurate Forecasting– Multi-channel forecasting accurately calculates the number of employees needed to process delayed-response work items for single and multisite environments


  • Efficient Resource Planning– Flexible scheduling tools can support virtually any scheduling environment and optimize task assignments for workers who switch between front office and back office processing activities


  • Intraday Visibility into Backlogs, Capacity and Real-time Employee Activity– Gain visibility into true resource capacity and efficiently meet service level agreements even when conditions change


  • Employee Empowerment– Increase employee satisfaction by providing workers with insight into their performance and the ability to self-manage scheduling and time-off requests