NICE Inform Verify

Rapid Replay with a Single Click

In the high-pressure emergency call center, understanding call and incident information accurately can make the difference between life and death. Inform Verify enables public safety call takers and dispatchers to replay the last call they received and any call currently in progress with just one click of a button. With Inform Verify in your emergency call center, your call-takers have the power to verify call details quickly and save precious time.

Inform Verify is deployed as a software application directly on users’ workstations via the Inform Server — no hardware is required. It enables public safety call takers and dispatchers to rapidly replay and verify information provided over telephone and radio communications, saving precious online and on-air interaction time.


Last Message Replay


Easy-to-Use Replay Panel

  • Makes it easy to find and replay
  • Instantly replays elapsed part of current message
  • Replays last message with one click of a pre-configured hot-key
  • Can provide access to all messages within the last 12 hours

Configurable Message Details View

  • Includes any field available in the call database
  • Allows users to easily configure window content

Flexible User Administration

  • Enables administrator-defined user access to channels and actions
  • Refreshes replay lists dynamically
Last Message Replay enables your emergency call center to:
  • Save precious time– Replay public safety telephone or radio calls instantly
  • Simplify the user experience- Easy-to-use graphical user interface reduces training time and operates intuitively and efficiently
  • Reduce costs- There is no extra hardware to buy or maintain for this software-only application

The easy-to-use, intuitive, dynamic features of Inform Verify means emergency call center operators and public safety dispatchers get the information they need quickly. It saves time, reduces costs and improves efficiency with these key features:

  • Accesses last calls and transmissions with the click of a button
  • Dynamically refreshes call and transmission list without user intervention
  • Replays calls in progress
  • Replays with Automatic Gain Control (AGC), silence skip and noise reduction
  • Requires no additional hardware— software-only application
  • Is suitable for touch-screen systems
  • Centralizes administration to easily configure all users from a single workstation