NICE Inform

Modern emergency centers and public safety organizations need to deal with a variety of incoming information sources, unlike in the past where there were just voice calls. Soon Next Generation emergency centers will become a reality where any person can send text messages, pictures, video clips and make other type of multimedia emergency call. NICE Inform helps emergency centers manage multimedia incident information efficiently and effectively. It captures all available data, providing all the facts as they unfold and increasing the chances that all vital evidence is available to review.

Today’s public safety answering point must be able to record and process event information in a variety of media:
audio, video, photographic, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, Geographic Information Systems (GIS and others).
All media which can be crucial for investigation, evaluation and training must be captured, reconstructed, organized, stored
and distributed accurately, efficiently and securely.


NICE Inform


NICE Inform fuses these different types of media into a common application and interface. It provides structure to unstructured multimedia, seamlessly combining the data for a complete, authentic, chronological audio/visual timeline and 360-degree view. 

Specifically, NICE Inform enables your command and control center to:


Monitor and verify any communication and interaction

With live monitoring functionality, supervisors can listen-in on any call. Supervisors and individual call-takers can instantly review calls to verify call information.


Capture multimedia

Your center can record and store telephone, VoIP and radio calls, closed-circuit TV, GIS Mapping and other screen images, text and picture messages, and more. Operators can append additional recorded media with pictures, reports, texts, faxes and other electronic content.


Search multimedia inputs  

Advanced search parameters enable reviewers and investigators to locate an incident and its associated media with pinpoint accuracy.


Reconstruct incidents with a 360° real-time view

A consolidated, multimedia view of event data enables investigators, auditors and trainers to reconstruct what people said, saw and did.


Organize and access information electronically

Event media can be stored in individual incident folders with instant and secure web-based access for authorized reviewers.


Interoperate easily and securely    

Colleagues from within and between public safety organizations can instantly share and send secure multimedia via DVD, email or via Inform’s innovative stand alone Media Player.


Continually improve

The role of the call taker requires professionalism and a defined personal skill set. It also requires ongoing training and access to knowledge to help ensure that every response is the most effective. NICE Inform Quality Assurance Solution monitors performance, identifies knowledge gaps and training opportunities for the continual improvement of your organization. 

NICE Inform’s ability to quickly search, review and organize incident information delivers a comprehensive understanding of what happened. It consolidates information often stored in different silos, allowing for faster detection and better, more informed decision-making. Plus, NICE Inform’s scalable, modular architecture provides the option to grow your media capture capabilities as your needs and the needs of the people you protect grow.

With NICE Inform, your public safety organization can:

  • Improve operational efficiency  saving time and money
  • Better utilize scarce or shared resources by streamlining existing processes
  • Collaborate fully with internal (departmental) and external (other agency) colleagues
  • Enhance performance monitoring and training
  • Mitigate risk and liability
  • Promote an environmentally friendly environment reducing paper usage and physical  storage costs
  • Invest with confidence that your system can grow as your needs grow

NICE Inform enables public safety organizations to monitor and manage multimedia incident information. Key features include:

  • Simple and advanced search query capabilities pinpoint multimedia sources
  • Live monitoring function enables supervisors to instantly listen-in on calls
  • Recent call replay function enables operators to verify call information
  • Playback features include automatic gain control (AGC), loop replay, speed control and more
  • Onboard media player enables external agency to review synchronous multimedia and data
  • Audit history records every user action
  • Active Directory support enabling more fluid log-in options
  • Support for Virtual environments reducing the total cost of system ownership
  • NICE Inform Lite™ option for smaller customers who wish to introduce the Inform solution into their organization