Audio and Call Recording/Logging Software

Field-proven audio and call recording/logging platforms that address the needs of PSAPs, command and control and air traffic control centers of all sizes

NICE offers a wide range of recording platforms that can address the needs of emergency centers, command and control or air traffic control centers of all sizes. Built with NICE proven technology, NICE offers the following audio recording platforms.


Advanced audio logging and call recording platform for public safety organizations

NICE audio logging and call recordingis an advanced recording solution. It's a comprehensive, advanced, easy-to-install platform designed for control room operations. It delivers optimal recording functionality and quality management as it captures all forms of audio —VoIP, analog and digital telephony. It can seamlessly integrate with trunked radio solutions such as Motorola Astro 25, Motorola Dimetra, Cassidian P25, Cassidian TETRA and Harris P25, allowing you to maximize your infrastructure. 


NICE Recording highlights:

  • Optional Selective Call Deletion such as: automatic deletion by retention; scheduled deletion for marked calls; keep call data even if audio is deleted
  • Highest Security Levels enabled by: AES Rijndael 256-bit encryption; MD5 fingerprinting; strict user access profiles; strong passwords policies; maker/Checker profiles; OS hardening policy
  • Standard Storage and Archiving with: local storage to standard HDD; choice of 10 compression algorithms; archive to SAN/NAS and RDX; central storage to SAN/NAS, EMC Centera, NetApp Snaplock; flexible scheduled archiving capabilities



Benefits gained by using NICE’s audio logging and call recording platform

With intuitive configuration and administration, NICE’s audio and call logging software is built to address your PSAP or air traffic control centers biggest needs: 


  • Cost effective with best-in-class compression and the largest channel capacity per platform
  • Field proven with millions of recording channels installed worldwide at thousands of sites
  • Highly scalable and features a modular design with open architecture
  • Extremely efficient  to simplify retrieval and instant replay of recording
  • Highly flexible and works with virtually every type of telephony solution including traditional telephony as well as Passive and Active VoIP recording; combined in a single, unified system capable of recording multiple telephony environments
  • Reliable and robust with unique resiliency options gained by over 20 years of experience in the most mission-critical environments 



NICE’s audio recording and call logging software’s contribution to your organization

NICE provides the call logging tools to effectively face the inherent challenges associated with managing and acting upon incident information in real time and post event.


  • High capacity recording capable of handling hundreds of recording channels per platform
  • Support for practically all telephony interfaces— analog, digital, E1/T1 and VoIP— and radio channels; its multimedia-recording platform is both scalable and future proof
  • VoIP recording supported for both Passive and Active recording from all major telephony vendors (Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent and others) as well as audio compression standards such as G.729 and G.723.1
  • Support for both single, all-in-one platforms and high-end distributed deployments with thousands of channels using the High Density Logger Plus platform