Multi-layered, intelligent, and always reliable security solutions for the Banking Industry

In recent years, the banking industry has faced almost unprecedented pressure and scrutiny to fight fraud, protect customer information, and expand services while at the same time reduce operating costs and increase security. Relevant solutions must effectively respond to ongoing risks such as robberies, safety concerns, internal and external fraud, and liability issues as they comply with strict government standards. Operational needs such as consistent management and response in a distributed environment, and even maintaining safety and customer service levels are additional factors banks must consider. A challenging proposition, but one for which NICE has developed a comprehensive solution that meets those needs and many more.

Addressing the diverse and complex issues inherent in the banking industry requires a multi-faceted approach. NICE Security Solutions for Banking anticipates, manages, and mitigates security, safety and operational risks by integrating your security system’s various sensors and alarms such as video surveillance, access control, fire and seismic. It also integrates to sensitive transactions, like those done in ATMs, to create a powerful, unified solution. This not only streamlines and optimizes operations on all levels; it substantially improves effectiveness, and mitigates potential risks.


By integrating these various systems and sensors, NICE’s Banking solution intelligently connects the dots to create situation awareness. This allows you to proactively indentify and respond to unfolding events in real time.


NICE Situator, a major component of the solution, gives you full control to improve operational productivity, manage and enforce routine and emergency procedures effectively in multi-site and highly distributed environments. By integrating siloed systems into a single platform and user interface a complete operational picture emerges making proactive response and increased risk mitigation possible.


Designed for branch operations, the NiceVision Net IP Video solution enables you to instantly verify any incident. With a tailored product for branches that offers a small footprint, high availability, a rich feature set that addresses video quality and storage needs and ATM transaction integration, your security operations will have continuous and complete views of the entire organization.

NICE Security Solution for Banking provides a truly comprehensive and insightful view of your entire environment and the ability to proactively and consistently respond to it. Byintegrating all security aspects into one unified picture including operations and systems such as: video surveillance, panic buttons, access control, fire alarms and a multitude of other sensors, you gain immediate situational awareness. At the same time, the solution coordinates the most effective responses, ensuring that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening, where it’s happening and most important how to respond.


  • Supports security management needs in the distributed and hierarchal structure of banks, branches, and offices
  • Allows procedure enforcement
  • Gives full visibility on what is going on in remote locations
  • Protects reputation and ensures business continuity
  • Prevents fraud internally and externally
  • Reduces the risk of theft
  • Consolidates control rooms to reduce costs and increase capacity
  • Increases responsiveness and optimizes information distribution
  • Maximizes the value of existing legacy video systems and enables the easy migration to IP
  • Creates uniformity in procedures
  • Reduces costs through operational savings, false alarm fees reduction, and control room consolidation
  • Helps meet compliance requirements

NICE Security Solution for Banking provides situational awareness and management. It enables highly effective and consistent management capabilities for day-to-day operations, and during incidents by organizing disparate real-time information, managing response plans based on best practice and in compliance with requirements, and empowering personnel to make informed decisions.


  • Manage operations, simulation, planning, and investigation all on the same platform
  • Identifies potential events through data fusion, and analysis to define and activate complex automated alarms
  • Automates reporting to ensure compliance and facilitate information sharing internally and externally
  • Integrates your ConOps (Concepts of Operation) to ensure consistent response
  • Reconstructs incidents for investigative and prosecutorial uses
  • Links sensitive transactions and ATM usage to relevant video footage
  • Central video management solution and dashboard
  • Optional integrations with NICE Actimize’s fraud prevention solutions
  • Allows for parallel local and central management video stream viewing
  • Features high resiliency; up time at 99.999%